Bangor Aurora Aquatic & Leisure Complex

Creche Policy Statement

The Crèche is open to children who have received their first inoculations and aged up to 4 years. It aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children whilst their parents take part in activities within the centre.

Parents/Guardians are not to leave the centre and the person depositing the child/children in the crèche MUST also pick them up. Should a child become distressed for any reason parents/guardians will be contacted and asked to return to the Crèche.

All our Crèche staff are appropriately qualified and have all been police checked and cleared to work with children.

The welfare of the children is paramount and any child suffering from any illness will, at the discretion of the Crèche Supervisor, not be admitted.

Various activities are provided for your children whilst in the Crèche however no specific educational objectives will be offered due to the short time and irregular attendance of most children.

Parents are actively encouraged to ensure their children are settled prior to leaving them and any specific requirements, fears or concerns should be fully discussed with the staff.

Parents are welcome to provide refreshment for their child whilst in the Crèche and the staff will assist as required.

Every effort will be made to accommodate children with special needs and parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns or requirements with our Crèche staff.

Any accidents or incidents occurring whilst the child is in the Crèche will be recorded and reported to the parent on their return. Any existing injuries will also be recorded in order to fulfil our Child Protection responsibilities.