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Bangor Aurora Policies

Behaviour Policy
Bookings and Cancellations
Child Protection
Customer Care
Health, Safety & Welfare
Mission Statement
Quality Policy
Safety Guidance
Swimming Admissions


Behaviour Policy

Serco Leisure has a zero tolerance approach to unacceptable verbal and physical behaviour directed towards staff and customers.
Behaviour that is regarded as unacceptable includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive shouting;
  • Swearing;
  • Harassment;
  • Bullying;
  • Discrimination;
  • Threats.

Any unacceptable behaviour will be taken very seriously and may result in the immediate ejection from the centre and the permanent exclusion of offenders. The police will also be called as appropriate.

Bookings and Cancellations Policy


  • Bookings can be made in person, by phone, email or online via www.bangoraurora.com
  • Bookings can be made online up to 8 days in advance from 0700hrs.
  • Bookings can be made by telephone up to 7 days in advance from 0900hrs (courts) and 1000hrs (workout classes)
  • Customers will need their membership or booking number in order to make a booking.
  • Classes can be booked up to 8 days in advance online or at reception

  • To receive a booking number, customers can register free of charge at www.bangoraurora.com or attend their chosen Centre in person to complete a short application form.


  • All bookings (for which a fee is applicable) should be paid for at the time of booking. In exceptional cases payment within 48 hours may be permitted by the Centre Manager.
  • Classes may be cancelled up to 2hours before the class begins.  Activities and bookings must be cancelled 24hours at least prior to the commencement of the booking.
  • All customers failing to cancel a booking within the defined period, or failing to attend a pre-booked activity will be charged the full fee for the activity in question.
  • Customers with payments outstanding will NOT be permitted to book/attend activities until the outstanding payment has been cleared.
  • Booking customers cancelling in line with this cancellation policy will receive a credit which can be redeemed against future bookings.
  • Cancellations can be made by phone, in person or online by logging in to your account.
  • Classes cancelled after the 2hour cut off time will be charged the class price of £6.00
  • Pitches and all other bookings must complete a cancellation form at least 24hrs prior to the commencement of the booking otherwise full payment will be charged

Thank you for your co-operation

Child Protection Policy Statement

Serco Leisure is committed to protecting the rights of the child, the child’s physical and psychological well-being and the safeguarding of the child from all forms of abuse. This commitment also applies to vulnerable adults.

We will operate in ways that best safeguard the interests of children and vulnerable adults.

The commitment to the principles and practices of child and vulnerable adult protection ensures:

  • The needs and interests of the child are paramount
  • The interests of vulnerable adults are considered as requiring similar consideration to those of children according to their level of needs
  • All Serco Leisure employees carry a responsibility for safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable adults

We will achieve this by:

  • Recognising that all children whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, racial origin, language or religious belief have the right to protection from abuse
  • Ensuring that all our staff and volunteers are carefully selected and accept responsibility for helping to prevent the abuse of children and vulnerable adults in their care
  • Ensuring staff receive Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance as appropriate and hold relevant qualifications and certification
  • Responding swiftly and appropriately to all suspicions or allegations of abuse and providing parents, carers and children with the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have. Any suspicions or allegations will not be ignored.
  • Appointing a “lead manager” who will take specific responsibility for child / vulnerable adult protection and act as the main point of contact for parents, children and external agencies
  • Maintaining and regularly reviewing the Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Procedure and Guidelines, including actions to be taken in the event of an allegation of abuse by a member of staff
  • Working within the Area Child Protection Committee’s / Client procedures

Crèche Policy Statement

The Crèche is open to children who have received their first inoculations and aged up to 5 years. It aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children whilst their parents take part in activities within the centre.

Parents/Guardians are not to leave the centre and the person depositing the child/children in the crèche MUST also pick them up. Should a child become distressed for any reason parents/guardians will be contacted and asked to return to the Crèche.

All our Crèche staff are appropriately qualified and have all been police checked and cleared to work with children.

The welfare of the children is paramount and any child suffering from any illness will, at the discretion of the Crèche Supervisor, not be admitted.

Various activities are provided for your children whilst in the Crèche however no specific educational objectives will be offered due to the short time and irregular attendance of most children.

Parents are actively encouraged to ensure their children are settled prior to leaving them and any specific requirements, fears or concerns should be fully discussed with the staff.
Parents are welcome to provide refreshment for their child whilst in the Crèche and the staff will assist as required.

Every effort will be made to accommodate children with special needs and parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns or requirements with our Crèche staff.

Any accidents or incidents occurring whilst the child is in the Crèche will be recorded and reported to the parent on their return. Any existing injuries will also be recorded in order to fulfil our Child Protection responsibilities.

Creche is open to children preschool age not 5

Customer Care Policy Statement

Leisure Centres provide the whole community with convenient access to a range of activities for fitness, health, well-being and enjoyment. As such, Serco’s aim is to provide a quality service and to provide Centres that care about the customers.

In order to achieve these high standards Serco aim to create an environment where customers can expect:

  • A Centre that is clean, attractive and a pleasant place to visit
  • Clearly identified, friendly and professional staff that can help you get the most enjoyment and benefit from your visit
  • A wide range of activities for people of all ages and abilities
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Up to date and accurate information to keep you informed of the Centre’s programme
  • An easy to access booking system
  • A reliable value for money service, and
  • Opportunities to comment on the quality and effectiveness of our service.

As part of our commitment to achieve these high standards, we will:

  • Serve every customer with courtesy, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensure that all telephone bookings and general calls are answered promptly and in a caring friendly manner
  • Provide adequate and appropriately qualified staff to operate the Centre to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Provide an appointed Duty Manager at all public opening times to deal with all matters of concern to our customers
  • Keep our customers informed and regularly monitor satisfaction with our service
  • Provide a comments system for customers to express their comments, thoughts, suggestions and opinions on service issues. These will be reviewed at Management level and responded to within an appropriate timescale
  • Never forget that it is our customers who are the focus of our business

Equity Policy Statement

Serco Leisure is committed to ensuring equity for all its customers regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status. This commitment seeks to comply with relevant statutory requirements and codes of practice, supports Serco’s Equal Opportunities Policy Standard and acknowledges Sport England’s definition of equity in sport:

Sports equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure that it becomes equally accessible to all members of society, whatever their age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or socio-economic status.

It also supports our Mission Statement:

‘to provide active and healthy lifestyles for all in a safe, warm, clean, friendly and fun environment.’

Serco Leisure will endeavour to ensure fairness and equity of access in sport and other activities. We believe everyone has the right to enjoy their activity in an environment free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse. Where inequalities or inappropriate behaviour are identified, we will take steps to address them as far as possible and will promote equality of opportunity.

In order to promote equity within our Centres, we will monitor and evaluate the usage and participation levels to assist in identifying programme and activity improvements, thereby reducing inequalities. In addition, we will assess the impact of our service, and, where appropriate, we will consult with various stakeholders to further facilitate the development of our offering.

Environmental Policy Statement

Our Commitment:

‘To minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and in naturally occurring systems’

This commitment extends into all of the activities carried out within Serco Leisure and covers both the direct and indirect impacts of those activities. It covers:

  • Necessary processes of the business.
  • Inputs, including but not exclusively energy and resources purchased.
  • Outputs, including but not exclusively all waste types and all emission types.

By minimising the impact of inputs, processes and outputs, Serco Leisure will be able to ensure sustainable development can occur to the utmost of our ability.

All members of Serco Leisure are responsible for implementing the policy. Some members will have greater responsibilities due to the nature of their job.

Aims and Objectives

  • To minimise energy consumption through employing energy efficient systems and products and through the reduction of unnecessary consumption.
  • To minimise resource consumption through using resources more effectively and reducing unnecessary consumption.
  • To minimise the quantity of waste produced. This will be through input minimisation, re-use and recycling.
  • To minimise the toxicity of the waste by using less damaging products where possible.
  • To buy environmentally sound resources whenever possible. This includes, but is not exclusively: recycled resources, resources from sustainable sources and renewable resources.
  • To adhere to, and where possible exceed current environmental legislation. In addition, to comply with incoming environmental legislation prior to deadlines and to comply with the local authorities environmental targets.
  • To ensure all staff are trained in and carry out environmentally sound practices. Those involved in areas which have, or could potentially have, a significant environmental impact, will receive appropriate information and training until fully competent.

The above aims and objectives will be monitored and the impact of them measured against historic data, targets and where possible benchmarks.
Through following and developing the activities encompassed by these aims and objectives, we aim to continually improve our environmental performance.

Swimming Hygiene, Health & Safety

Swim Nappies
Babies must wear appropriate swim nappies. These are available for purchase at Reception. Babies not wearing appropriate swim nappies will not be permitted to enter the swimming pool.

If you or your child has had diarrhoea in the last 14 days, please do not use the swimming pool.

If you or your child has vomited in the last 24 hours, has a tummy upset or is suffering with a cold or virus, then please do not use the swimming pool.

Please shower before entering the swimming pool and encourage your child to do the same.

If you become aware that you or your child has a verruca, please obtain treatment available from a pharmacist, try to keep it covered and avoid walking barefoot in the shower or changing room areas.

Medical Conditions
Inform a lifeguard or your swimming teacher (if attending lessons) if you have any medical conditions we should know about. Do not swim if you are feeling unwell.

It is not advisable to swim on a full stomach. It is recommended to wait at least one hour before swimming.

Use of the Toilet
Please use the toilet before entering the swimming pool.

Swimming Hats
Please remember to wear the correct colour of swimming hat in all lessons so we can ensure pupils can be identified and are in the right group at all times. Pupils not wearing their swimming hat will not be permitted into the lesson.

Mission Statement

Serco Leisure’s Mission is:

To provide active and healthy lifestyles for all in a safe, warm, clean, friendly and fun environment

Quality Policy Statement

Serco Leisure’s quality policy supports the mission statement:

‘to provide active and healthy lifestyles for all in a safe, warm, clean, friendly and fun environment’

Serco Leisure values the benefit of a management system as a means of achieving its mission and will use the Serco Management System (SMS) in Leisure to enhance and continually improve the quality of services provided to customers. SMS in Leisure is central to the management of the business and underpins effective service delivery. It supports the Leisure business principles as well as Serco Group policies and standards.

Where appropriate, sites will comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and will register to this or to alternative industry standards such as Quest to demonstrate commitment to quality.

The Management Team at each site, supported by Leisure Directors, will provide commitment to the development, implementation and improvement of SMS in Leisure by:

  • Communicating direction and values regarding quality
  • Ensuring site objectives are established, measured and communicated at all levels and that all staff are aware of the objectives and the role they play in delivering them
  • Providing the structure and resources that are necessary to support the organisation
  • Measuring service performance, staff and customer satisfaction at an appropriate level
  • Reviewing and improving the effectiveness of SMS in Leisure processes and levels of service in order to meet customer requirements.

Safety Guidance for Health & Fitness Customers

The safety and enjoyment of our customers is of prime importance so please take a few moments to read the information shown below and familiarise yourself with the instructions displayed within the gym and health suite areas.

  • For safety and security reasons, customers are required to sign in and have their Authorised User Card / Membership Card with them on each visit.
  • Please complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before using the equipment for the first time and seek medical advice prior to exercising if any health problems that may affect your ability to do so safely are identified. Please advise staff if your medical status changes and may affect your ability to exercise safely.
  • When exercising, ensure that you follow the instructions displayed. If you are unsure about how to use a piece of equipment, please ask a member of staff for help.
  • Drink plenty of water during exercise and when using the health suite to avoid dehydration.
  • Do not use the gym or health suite if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Always exercise within your ability as over-exertion or poor technique can result in injury.
  • Please do not use the health suite following a session in the gym, or exercise following use of the health suite. Always allow sufficient time for your body temperature to cool down.
  • In the interest of hygiene and the comfort of other users, please wipe down the machinery and equipment after use, wear suitable clothing and refrain using mobile phones.
  • Avoid bringing bags or outdoor clothing into the gym as these cause obstructions and are a potential hazard. Please place in the lockers provided.
  • Notices are displayed in each area explaining what to do in the event of a fire, accident or other emergency. Please familiarise yourself with these and follow any instructions given by the centre staff or emergency services.
  • Customers are reminded of their responsibility to act in a safe manner when using the facilities. Please also consider other users and report any safety concerns or equipment faults to the Management Team.

Thank you – Enjoy your visits to the Complex!

Swimming Admissions Policy – Under 8s

The following admissions policy applies at this Facility:

Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their children at all times whilst in the facility. A child under the age of 8 years must be directly supervised in the swimming pools by his/her parent or an adult (aged 18 or over).

No more than two children aged 4 to 7 may be supervised by one parent or adult (aged 18 or over).

Children under 4 must be supervised by a parent or adult (aged 18 or over) on a one to one basis.

Please note that children under 8 are not permitted in the 25 x 25 metre pool (2 metre depth). Other age and height restrictions may also apply to some of the play features in the leisure waters.

The above restrictions may be relaxed for some controlled, programmed sessions. Please contact us for further details.

If you are in any doubt about our admission policy, please contact us to avoid disappointment.
We recommend that children under 8 and all non-swimmers use armbands and/or an appropriate buoyancy aid and remain in shallow water.