Returning to fitness after lockdown

Apr 15, 2021 | Blog

Over and over again, we have been reminded of the benefits of exercise for our physical and mental health.  

BUT… exercising is sometimes easier said than done, EVEN when we know the benefits. Finding ways to overcome these common hurdles is often more important than the exercise itself. 

Help is here! So how can we overcome these obstacles and get active? 

Make a plan of attack! 

Feeling exhausted is the most common hurdle we face when it comes saying no to exerciseGive yourself a firm plan of action. Be decisive with the ‘when’ and ‘where’, right down to the exact time. By removing uncertainty and being clear, you’re more likely to follow through on your plans. 

Remember, just 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week is enough to reap the rewards both mentally and physically, so get it planned in. 

Make that time for you 

Work! School! Family! Kids! The list goes on, but how far down the list before you get to YOU? Its time to be selfish! Making YOU a priority will give you those vital feelings of direction and purpose. This will leave you feeling reenergised, more confident and ready to take on the world, or the kids’ mealtime (both monumental tasks, I'm sure you would agree). 

Get good at getting started (2-minute rule) 

When it comes to making plans for exercise, we tend to focus on the overall goal, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed before we have even started. By scaling a task down to just 2 minutes, all focus is redirected to a more achievable and less daunting target, leaving you feeling far more confident and far more likely to go on to the bigger task you originally had in mind. 

Increase gradually 

Whether it’s distance or the number of workouts in a week, push out of that comfort zone each time you become accustomed to it, This allows your body and mind the time to adapt and overcome these new struggles, without feeling overwhelmed and overworked 

Be realistic 

Choosing challenges that are just sitting on the horizon is the way to go. A workout that is based around improving your last attempt is a great game to play and a way of helping you push yourself a bit harder. For more ideas on what type of training is realistic for you, check out our blog Training Methods 101. 

Let go 

On the whole, we are all afraid of failure – it’s in our DNA! But here at the centre, we believe that the only way you can truly fail is if you give up. Don’t quit, slow down if needs be, but keep going and give it a try – you’ll feel better for it! check out our blog Slowly, slowly smash those goals for more ideas to make your fitness routine stick. 

Say Hello! 

If you’re nervous about returning to exercise, don’t forget that you can always speak to a member of our team for support. Our team will be proud to help find exercises that work for you, specifically planned around your routine, capabilities and lifestyle.  

Give it a go 

Why not give one of our free live workouts a go to see if you can find a class that works for you, from the comfort of your own home? There’s no pressure, no one can see you, and you may find something new that you love! Check out our live classes and give it a go today!